Access shared network drives

This page contains information on how University staff can connect to their shared network drives from both on and off campus, otherwise known as Drive Mapping.

How to map to a network drive
  1. From the Start button, click Computer
  2. Once open, click the Map network drive button at the top of the window
  3. The next step is to type the path to the server and the network share into the Folder box.
    If the path to the required shared network folder is known, enter this directly in the Folder box; for example \\sernt2\sociology.
    If the path is not known, the required shared folder will have to be searched.  In most cases, Departmental network share folders will be on the server sernt2; enter \\sernt2\ in the box and click Browse to locate the required folder.
    If connecting to a shared folder when off campus (ie through VPN) the domain will have to be added to the server path; for example \\\sociology.
  4. Once the folder path has been entered, ensure Reconnect at logon is ticked and click Finish. Links to all shared network folders will appear under Network Location and also under Computer.

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