How to send a Mailshot

The maximum number of recipients you can send an email to is 100. If you need to send an email to more than this number of recipients and don't have a mailing list for them then you can use our Mailshot service.

Mailshot creates a unique, temporary mailing list that allows you to send an email to up to 10,000 recipients. In general, it should only be used for emailing select students and staff.

Step 1: Get permission

If you are not able to access the Mailshot page (Essex users only), then you are not currently permitted to use Mailshot.

If you do not have access and need it, email the IT Systems Group Queries team ( to request permission, stating in as much detail as possible what you need to use Mailshot for and why the current mailing lists don't meet that need.

Step 2: Generate your recipient list

To compose the list of recipients:

  • Type or paste into the recipients box on the main webpage the recipients' login name, email addresses or PRIDs.
  • You can separate these by spaces, commas, semi-colons or new lines. You do not need to add for University members.
  • Any recipient listed twice will only get one copy of the Mailshot.
  • Please note that you cannot use full names as listed in the Outlook address book.
  • If you generate your list of recipients via export from something like Student Records, please ensure that you don't include the column heading from the export file.
Step 3: Confirm your request

Once you have entered all the recipients, you should confirm that your email meets the following conditions:

  • it does not constitute marketing
  • it cannot be sent to an existing list due to such a list not being available or appropriate for this communication (where many of the addresses are non-university addresses)
  • you have the consent of the recipients or this is a one-off which meets the relevant Information Commissioners guidelines

You can now click Continue.

Step 4: Composing your email

If your request is accepted, you will receive a custom email address which, when emailed, will send your email to all of your Mailshot recipients (this is listed on the confirmation page and sent via email). Click on the link on the confirmation page and compose your email. Ensure that you include a suitable subject line.

Please note that you can only use this email address once and it is only valid for one week from the time of the request.

Sending a Mailshot from a role mailbox

If you need to send an email from a role mailbox, make the Mailshot request as yourself. Then, when you send the email, send it from the role account. As long as you have permission to send from this role account, your email will be sent.

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