Use iTunes to download Listen Again recordings

This article will show you how to download and set up iTunes to automatically download your Listen Again recordings.

  1. Go to  , and then download and install iTunes on your computer.
  2. Now go to  , and under the For students heading click Show lecture recordings based upon your timetable.
  3. Scroll to Download podcasts (RSS), and then Right-click on the feed link for MP3 or MP4, and then click Copy shortcut/Copy link address.

  4. Now open iTunes and click File → Subscribe to Podcast (if you can’t see the File menu in iTunes, press CTRL+B).

  5. Paste the link you copied from the Listen Again website into the popup box, and then click OK.

  6. If you’re asked to log in, enter your Essex ID and password and click Log In.

  7. You’re now subscribed to Listen Again, and you should be able to see all of your lectures that are available for download. All your available future lectures will be downloaded automatically to your iTunes library.

  8. If you don’t want iTunes to download your lectures automatically, right-click the Listen Again podcast, and then click Podcast Settings and change your download settings.

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