Moving content between Moodle courses

Scenario: You have activities (resources, quizzes, databases etc.) in one Moodle course you have editing rights to, that you want to copy into another Moodle course you can edit

Moodle offers an Import function that allows you to import a number of resources from another course. To make use of this you first need to go to the course that you want to import the content into.

1. Open the Import page

You can find the Import feature in the red administration block, under Course Administration:

2. Find the source content

Search for the course that contains the materials you want to import. You can use the search box at the bottom of the page to search for a course by title or module code if you need.

Click Continue once you've found and selected the right course

3. Choose what you want to import

We recommend you uncheck everything you don't need. In this example we're just copying over some course sections with activities and resources so we leave the first option selected

Click Next to continue.

4. Select items to copy across

The next page allows to to choose individual items to copy across. Unless you're copying the entire course we recommend you click Select none from the top of the page to deselect everything and then choose which items you need so you don't accidentally copy something over.

Selections here will be imported alongside existing course content in the same section of the course you're importing into. They won't be added as new sections

Click Next to continue.

5. Confirm and import

Double check that you're only going to import what you need, click Perform Import. If you're importing a lot of items, this step could take a while.

While the import is taking place you may have trouble using Moodle in other browser tabs. If you want to continue using Moodle while this is happening, sign in using a new Incognito or Private Browsing window.

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