Fix a Remote Desktop Connection licensing error

How to fix Remote Desktop Connection client access licensing errors
This guide involves making changes to your computer's Registry. If you are not comfortable doing this please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Remote desktop connections to one or more computers you previously had access to are no longer working and upon trying to connect you receive the message as in the image below:

This happens as a result of the required licensing files having become corrupted or when licenses have recently expired or have been renewed.
To fix this you will need to follow the instructions below:

  1. If the error message or any other Remote Desktop Connection windows are currently open on the screen please close them before proceeding.
  2. Click on the start menu and type regedit and press return to open the regedit application:

  3. If a message box like the one pictured in the image below pops up click ‘Yes’ to continue:

  4. With regedit open click on the text which reads HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on the tiny
    arrow to the left of it to expand the folders within:

  5. From within this directory click on the directory named Software to expand further into the
    directory tree until you find the directory named Microsoft. Expand that directory tree and
    you will see a directory named MSLicensing. Right click on that directory and choose delete:

  6. If asked if you are sure you want to delete, select Yes.
  7. Now you must run the RDP client as an administrator. Click on the start menu and type
    mstsc. When Remote Desktop Connection shows in the list right-click on it and choose Run
    as administrator

    Now establish a connection to the computer you were having trouble connecting to and
    verify that the connection is working.
  8. Close down the connection and now run mstsc as you normally would (ie, without the run as
    administrator option) and try the connection once again.
  9. If you are still unable to establish a connection or are receiving a different error message
    please contact the IT Helpdesk for further assistance.

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